AMF Launches New Brand of Safety Shoes TOOL 24/7 Sneakers

AMF just launched a new brand of safety shoes, called TOO´L, which, as its promotion slogan – Safe at work, Fun at home – indicates, is a shoe for workers who enjoy safe, fun and comfortable shoes, not only at work, but also in their leisure time. "24/7 sneaker"

Albano Miguel Fernandes, Lda. [AMF] specialized in the production of safety shoes that close the gap between technical models and the latest fashion trends. This feature is now even more evident with the commitment to this bold project, characteristic of the innovative nature of a company that has been recording sustained growth since 2005, when it launched its first brand – 2work4.

According to Albano Fernandes, one of the company´s partners, the investment in this new brand gives AMF "alternatives for the multiple markets and for the multiple demands of consumers." "TOO´L intends to address some deficiencies that we have been feeling over the last few years with 2w4. Communication will be much more aggressive and aimed at a younger consumer who is irreverent and, at the same time, extremely demanding," he says.

This brand is targeted at foreign markets and has already received commercialization proposals for Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

AMF intends to reach new customers this way, as well as "meet the standards of European workers, who are typically more irreverent but also more demanding and, of course, fashion connoisseurs," says Albano Fernandes.

TOO´L is a safety athletic shoe that meets all the technical requirements and may be used in leisure time, thanks to its bold, modern and sporty design. Elegant models, with bright colors and attractive details, TOO´L shoes combine comfort with the quality of the materials used.