Angolan market on the route of the Portuguese footwear

Great offensive in course

Twenty-four Portuguese footwear companies participated in a Business Mission to Angola from 13 to 20 of July. The aim was to deepen the knowledge of the reality of a market that is with a high potential of growth prospect.
With over 10 million people and an annual growth rates exceeding 9%, the Angolan market starts to appear on the Portuguese footwear sector. The exports of the PORTUGAL QUALITY SHOES to Angola have been steadily increasing, having registered an increase of 71% in the last year to approximately 13 million euros. Outside the European Union, the Angolan market is already one of the most important to the Portuguese companies, just like Russia and USA.
Within this mission of prospecting, was visited Filda, which took place between days 15 to 20 of July. On the 25th edition of the International Fair of Luanda participated more than 400 companies, from Germany, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Netherlands and Portugal.
Even related with Angolan market, APICCAPS with Delegation of AICEP in Luanda, promoted business meetings with potential operators and footwear importers.

Great offensive
In course

Since the beginning of the year, the Portuguese footwear has been developing the biggest promotional campaign of all times.
With a total investment of eight million euros, more than 140 companies are participating in actions on 15 different markets, which aim to strengthen the competitive capacity of Portuguese footwear worldwide. Besides the presence in major European fairs of the specialty, the Portuguese footwear will invest in other markets with high potential of growth such as China, U.S., Japan, Poland and Russia.
In the first quarter of the year, the exports of PORTUGAL QUALITY SHOES increased 4%.