Fight the fire

with Portuguese footwear

Did you know that the main European security forces regularly use Portuguese footwear? During the fire season, which is now beginning the firefighters from all over Europe will have a weight partner: footwear technologically advanced, developed in Portugal.< br> This is one of the segments of the market that has grown more in Portugal in recent years. In 2007, Portugal exported mainly 1.2 million pairs of security shoes, amounting 26 million euros. Over the last five years, it is noted a growth exceeding 17%.< br> The 2w4 is one of the Portuguese companies which have invested more in this area, combining the features techniques of the safety footwear (Toe cap in polycarbonate, insoles with kevlar protection and the soles in EVA) with the latest Fashion Tendencies.< br> In the case of Serralheiro e Irmão Company, specialized in the production of individual protection footwear, using the Goodyear system, a very complex construction system, where the quality prevails. Recently, this company provided shoes to the fire-fighters from France and Portugal and the Italian carabinieri. < br> Trofal also sells to external markets, through the production of technical security footwear, which is distinguished by the system goodyear, steel toe cap or drilling resistant insoles. Some of the main European security forces, especially the "soldiers of peace" from Germany, Spain, France or Portugal frequently use Trofal Footwear.< br> In the area of safety footwear all the details are important. Because of that, Lavoro developed a drilling resistant insole. Innovation seems to be, moreover, a strategic priority for ICC (which holds the Lavoro brand) who won in 2007, one of the prizes on 5th edition of the Technological Innovation Awards in the Footwear Sector, with the development of a specialized anti–flame boots. Also here, attacking the fire seems to be more efficacy with the Portuguese footwear.< br>