New Record at MICAM

Portugal continues to bolster its presence in the largest trade fair for footwear in the world. In all, 95 companies will form part of the national delegation in the MICAM, which will be held from the 14th to the 17th of February next, and the MIPEL (trade fair for accessories).

Portugal’s presence in the MICAM is part of the promotional strategy outlined by APICCAPS and AICEP, with the support of the Compete 2020 Program, and which aims to consolidate the relative position of Portuguese footwear in overseas markets.

Around 200 companies from the footwear sector will take part, from the start of the year, in a mega-program of international promotion, which will mean attending over 60 of the most prestigious international forms of the area.

- Frenetic February

Bogota, Dusseldorf, Las Vegas, Paris besides Milan, are obligatory destinations for Portuguese companies in February of this year. In total, in little more than 20 days, the footwear sector will participate in 10 professional events abroad.

- Record in the MICAM

In February, in Milan, Portugal will record its largest presence ever in an overseas event. In all, the 92 Portuguese companies answer for more than eight thousand jobs and roughly 500 million Euros in exports.

Overseas commercial promotion is, moreover, the utmost priority for the Portuguese footwear industry, which places over 95% of its production abroad. Attending the largest and most prestigious footwear trade fair in the world will be, once again, of the greatest importance. In all, more than 1 600 exhibitors, from approximately 50 countries, and over 40 thousand professional visitors will attend the trade fair in Milan. Portugal will again be the second largest foreign delegation in the trade fair, second only to Spain.