Portuguese footwear exports increase 1% in 2015

In a such complex international scenario, the Portuguese footwear ended the year of 2015 with a light growth in exports. According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) regarding the previous year, it is noted an increase of 1% on sales abroad, as a result of the exportation of 79 million pairs of shoes, worth 1865 million euros (new historic values).

Since 2009, the Portuguese footwear sales have increased over 50%. Resulting from an unprecedented bet on international markets, Portugal began to annually export more 600 million euros than 6 years ago, by extending its exportations to 20 new destinations. The Portuguese footwear is currently commercialized in 152 countries, throughout the five continents.

The last year was particularly demanding for the footwear companies, with an expected but significant recognition of losses, given the current economic situation, in countries such as Angola (loss of 15% to 24 million euros) and Russia (loss of 52% to 21 million euros). Furthermore, the French market, which is the most important for the Portuguese companies, suffered adverse cyclical developments with the footwear imports receded 2,7% in general (during 10 months, in 2015, France bought less than 11 million pairs of shoes from foreign companies, when compared to 2014, for a total of 433 million pairs of shoes). In this context, the Portuguese footwear sales to the french market receded as well for a total of 16 million pairs of shoes, amounting 411 million euros (less 3,6%).

At that time, exports outside the European Union have increased to a total of 14%. However, the goal is to go up 20% in the next five years.

To conclude, it is worth mentioning that the footwear sector as a whole (footwear, components and leather goods) exceeded the barrier of 2000 million euros in exportations, in 2015 (growth of 1,2% to 2057 million euros).

Leather goods with exportation records

Leather goods and saddlery are, once again, in evidence with an outstanding performance. In 2015, overseas sales increased 5,7% to a new historic value of 150 million euros.

The Portuguese leather goods are expanding to almost every market, especially in the European (addition of 14% to 108 million euros). Overseas markets already represent 28% of the total.

Per products, Portugal has also specialized on the exportation of bags and purses, with a increase of 15% to 82 million euros. "Other leather goods" and "leather garments and accessories" are also two important segments, with values of 56 and 12 million euros respectively.