Luís Borges launches footwear line

He is one of the most extraordinary Portuguese models of the moment, with a thriving international career. Passionated about fashion, he created one of the best Portuguese bloggers, The Afro Boy. Now, it is his turn to create a line of footwear.

When did you think about creating a line of footwear?

It all began when I received an invitation from the brand of shoes Manuel Dupont to create a collection in collaboration with them. I thought it made perfect sense, seeing that I am a model and that I love fashion and just adore shoes.

One of the reasons that made me jump at the chance was the fact that they let me create what I want, which was great, as I had the freedom to do exactly what I wanted.

What sets Luís Borges’ shoes apart?

Whoever buys this collection will immediately see that it is mine, given that all the models have a 'mini Luís Borges' drawn on them. I tried to be eclectic and at the same time loyal to my own style. These models reflect my irreverence and personality. These shoes have lots of attitude!

What is your target public?

My public is largely young. So, when I came up with what I was going to create I was already thinking about this target, with an urban style. I’m not saying that older people can’t wear them, because style doesn’t depend on age, but rather the attitude of each pair. My collection is quite fun and irreverent and so it’s aimed at everyone who is young at heart.

Are you going to bet exclusively on the national market or will you aim at overseas markets?

The national market is important, but it would be reductionist to restrict this collection to Portugal alone. Given that my blog already has international projection it makes total sense that my shoes should be in other markets. Besides this, Manuel Dupont exports to Spain and France and will be entering the American market very soon.