Accessories with Personality

These are the complement that makes the difference in any look and which reinforce our identity and state of mind. There are Portuguese brands of accessories, which everyone should know.


In 2011 Branca Cuvier was made the Creative Director of the brand of accessories/jewellery Baguera, whose simple yet detailed bold statement pieces leave nobody indifferent. In her collections geometry merges with the organic, and the results are innovative models that personify the modern woman of the 21st century. In 2012 the collection ‘Vectory’ won POP prizes promoted by the Serralves Foundation (Oporto). Among other collaborations, Branca was invited by Samsung in 2014 to develop five personalised pieces for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha campaign. In the brand’s online store, Baguera has clients from 36 countries.


Dedicated to producing glasses using wood since 2013, NaturaLook explores the full potential of this material in designing original, high quality models made by hand. The brand, a pioneer in Portugal, offers countless possibilities for personalising your glasses by choosing the type of wood, the design of the model and even customising the earpieces of the glasses with phrases to your taste. The brand has moved to sell online through its website, to which they have added points-of-sale in France, Spain, Norway, USA and Brazil. They are also looking at expanding into Dubai, Qatar and Jordan.


Formed in 2014, the brand of contemporary jewellery NUUK was born from the hands of Paula Paiva and Joana Carvalho (mother and daughter) who use geometric and minimalist shapes to create delicate and timeless pieces. Exclusively designed and produced by hand, in the city of Oporto, NUUK’s pieces are versatile for any occasion by going for modern and elegant simplicity. For Spring-Summer 2016, the brand launched the collection PAINT, inspired by the work of the artist Elsworth Kelly. You can check it out in the stores The Feeting Room and CUSQ, both in Oporto, and very soon in Lisbon too. Looking towards internationalization, NUUK is already in London, in the Red Vatican (Shoreditch), and in Japan. In the near future they have their eyes set on markets like North Europe, Oceania, North America, East Asia and the Middle East.

Maria Maleta

Also from Oporto comes Maria Maleta, the result of the common passion of two best friends: handbags. Heavily committed to the high quality of the raw materials, the brand develops all of its models in genuine leather, with an assumedly young and trendy design, marked by details that reveal the irreverence of the women who use them. The BackPack/Moment rucksack is Maria Maleta’s most recent creation, conceived for the dynamic, permanently changing lifestyle of today’s women. Available in three reversible models, it was never so easy to match fashion trends with total comfort in an item that adapts to the different moments of your day-to-day.

Âme Moi

Art, tradition and exclusivity are the three pillars that define the Âme Moi luxury brand of accessories, which started out in the equestrian universe, a passion which Alberto Gomes, the brand’s CEO, has now materialised in this project. Geared towards a female public (although admitting the possibility of launching a line for men), Âme Moi’s bags favour precious metals like gold and silver, as well as embroidered silk, inspired by typical bull-fighters’ jackets. A special mention goes to the tassels in horse hair that are now a distinctive feature of the brand (in an allusion to the Lusitanian horse), and the filigree handle to be found on the best-seller ‘La Piccolina Filigree’. In Portugal, Âme Moi’s accessories can be found on sale in Lisbon, in the Loja das Meias (Amoreiras, Cascais and Castilho) and in Braga, in Boutique Janes. Even more convenient is the option of purchasing via the online store, on the brand’s website.