Extra EU exports doubled

More than a sectoral plan, the bet on new markets with high growth potential is an approved strategy by APICCAPS and applied by hundreds of footwear companies in Portugal. In virtue of this unprecedented effort, extra-community exports increased 11% in the last five years and will continue to grow.

From 2011 to last year, extra-community exports went from 121 to 255 million euros and now ascends to 14% of the total exports.

Exports increased significantly for practically all significant markets outside the European Union. The stronger growth occurred in the USA. The Portuguese footwear sales to North America trebled since 2011 and now ascend to approximately 70 million euros. In the same period, sales in Canada have more than doubled to 24 million euros at the end of last year.

In Latin America the numbers are not yet significant (it now ascend to 3 million euros, 2 of which are concentrated in Colombia, a market that wasn’t even noticed by the Portuguese companies in 2011). However, special attention was given to countries such as Russia and Angola in the recent past, with growths of 25% (to 21 million euros) and 79% (to 24 million euros), respectively. This could have been even more significant if this two markets weren’t facing circumstantially difficult times in the past two years.

Especially noteworthy was the 243% sales growth in Australia since 2011 (from 3,6 to 12,5 million euros), in Japan (growth of 34% to 13 million euros in 2015) and in China. The most populated country worldwide caught the attention of the Portuguese companies, which exported footwear in the approximate amount of 11 million euros to Chinese territory last year (with an increase of 91%).