ID Nature

Footwear with ecological awareness

Distinguishes itself by its ecological awareness, because it looked from the beginning to respond to growing environmental concerns of consumers, through the selection and use of raw materials exclusively "green". The brand of children footwear ID Nature originally was born in Germany in the past decade, in close collaboration with a local partner. Today it is one of the leaders in Germany in this market segment.

"The brand and its concept appeared from the need to satisfy a small but emerging and even more big, demand for a type of shoe that would respect in its general concept ecological criteria and that were designed and developed to answer to the increasing environment concerns, as well as answering to the concern and necessity to produce a type of footwear that was not harmful for the feet health in particular - and for the health in general - of its consumers”, underlined Andre Melo.

The ID Nature footwear doesn´t use any materials or products that may be allergic or harmful to consumers and also the concern "given to minimize the environmental impact generated during all stages of the manufacturing process." Generally, the ID Nature favors the use of leather from tanning plant, free of chromium or other products deemed harmful. "We can say that the ID Nature was born - and this is what distinguished its – to respond positively to all this new ecological awareness, since the beginning worked to deliver a product concept more" green "and friend of environment, ecological, ethical, accountable and sustainable, "defended.
André Melo believes that "green products are increasingly market and have a strong tendency to be not an alternative or one more alternative product available in the market but to be an increasingly reality and a certainty in the market," because "the global environmental situation and the necessity of moving in order to preserve the environment, natural resources, maintain the planet in sustainable and balanced state will impose green products definitely in the market."

Actually, the ID Nature is designed mainly for the German market. However, it has already given  some important steps in Switzerland, Austria and France.