Jewelry new born

The jewelry sector has centuries of history. It is one of the most promising sectors at the moment in Portugal. This year it decided to Cracked the Egg. The Portuguese jewelry reinvents itself each day by the creativity of new national designers.

AORP – Jewellery and Watchmaking Association of Portugal – just launched a new project, which compromises to ensure new growth in the industry. The Portuguese Jewellery New Born is a new brand of the association, through which will be promoted new talents of the national jewelry. The project will serve as a starting point for new creators, who want to promote their brand nationwide and worldwide.

Besides their inherited talent and know-how, the new creators add up creativity, design and innovation. They wish to conquer the world, From USA to Japan, and encounter recognition and new audiences.

After launching the project, in April, with the presence of new young creators, AORP promoted the opening of a temporary exhibition space on Oporto’s downtown with the presence of six new brands.

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