Portuguese Footwear Industry has created over 9200 new jobs

After the increase in exports comes the employment growth. The Portuguese Footwear Companies are already employing over 43 thousand people. Since 2010, over 9200 new jobs were created within this industry. The data is from the Ministry of Labor and show that the sector had expected 34.602 employees in that year, a number which increased to 42.249 in 2014.
APPICAPS' estimation for 2015 aims at a total of 43.840 workers of the footwear and component industry. Ultimately, since 2010 were created 9238 direct jobs.

To Fortunato Frederico, this is “the logic sequence of the recent good performance of the footwear industry, which grew over 60% on the external markets over the past few years”. Furthermore, “our business model is based on quality and proximity production, from which the sectors’ growth would always include job creation”. He also stated that “in the next months, other many hundreds of workers will integrate the footwear sector”.
Of equal importance is the fact that many of these jobs are being created in the inner regions of the country. “Over the past years, we have contributed to the regional balance through the creation of manufacturing units in the hinterland, such as in Castelo de Paiva, Celorico de Basto or Paredes de Coura”, highlighted the President of APPICAPS. Another relevant fact is related to the increasing recruitment of qualified professionals. “Around 10% of the industry professionals’ total are university graduates or senior staff. It’s an important paradigm shift on a sector that aims to be a great international reference”, stated Fortunato Frederico.