Worldwide footwear production declines

APICCAPS has presented World Footwear in Germany China loses prominence

GDS, in Germany, was the backdrop for the presentation of World Footwear Yearbook. The most powerful barometer of the footwear industry at an international level, responsibility of APICCAPS, was presented to professionals of over 70 countries.

Basically, the worldwide footwear manufacturing decreased, albeit slightly, in 2015 (over 0,4%) to 23 million pairs of shoes. From this number, 87% were manufactured in the Asian continent. The fact that China lost relative weight (5% of production decline in 2015) was surprising to the others “players”, namely Asians. This importance of China is the lowest of the past five years (59,1%), which is a sign of the times that may indicate a new competitive environment at an international level. Europe reacted, in 2015, with 4% of the footwear global output.

On the level of quantity of exports, the Asian continent keeps the leadership (share of 85%). However, with regard to value, there’s a distinct reality and amounts to only 64% of the total, at the moment. Effectively, on value, eight of the 15 main world players” are European, which proves that Europe remains on the leadership of footwear commercialization. In the segment of leathers, the phenomenon is even more pronounced: the three main European producers (Italy, Spain and Portugal) exceeded China and represent 23% of the total.

In consumption, the main highlight goes to the fact that only four markets (China, USA, EU and India) are responsible for a share of 54%.
Portugal continues to reinforce its prestige status on a global scale. Among the main manufacturers worldwide, it represents the 2nd biggest average price exports, being only overtaken by Italy. It's important to remind that the migration of products to the main added value segments is a fundamental goal of the sector, established on the most recent FOOTure 2020 -  Strategic Plan: “To be the international reference of the footwear industry by the sophistication and creativity, reinforcing the Portuguese exports based on a sustainable and highly competitive national production foundation, founded on knowledge and innovation.”

World Footwear Yearbook

Currently, at its 6th edition, World Footwear Yearbook is a publication inserted in the project World Footwear, developed by APICCAPS since 2011, which analyses the greatest trends of the footwear industry worldwide.

With updated statistics until 2015, presented in value and quantity, the most recent edition of World Footwear Yearbook presents the evolution of the main players internationally, meeting the variables of production, consumption, exports and imports.
The publication includes a detailed characterization of the world footwear industry of 2015 and also the individual profile of dozens of markets.
Next month, World Footwear Yearbook will be distributed in over 50 countries.