Portuguese footwear grows in 2008

Footwear exports will grow again in 2008. The data from the first nine months of the year are expected to grow by 2% to 1060 million euros. It is the third consecutive year of growth in Portuguese footwear exports.

Portuguese Footwear exports are growing in almost all its most important markets such as Germany (6.3% to 199 million euros), Netherlands (7% to 114 million euros) and Spain (5.7% to 90 million euros).
The Portuguese footwear, showed also, a very interesting performance in countries such as Austria (more 55.9% to 3 million euros), Belgium (more 9.7% to 21 million euros), Denmark (more 1.4% to 43 million euros) and Poland (more 34% to 2.7 million euros).

In the first nine months of the year, outside Europe the, already, expected fall in the "states" (less 3.9% to 7.5 million euros exported to the U.S.) was minimized by the growth in Canada (more 8.9% to 5.2 million euros). Note of a big emphasis for the growth in Russia (more 9.3% to 12 million euros), Angola (more 13% to 9.5 million euros) and Japan (more 32% to 3.7 million euros).

The Portuguese footwear is therefore to export more, but also to strengthen the bet in new markets with high potential to grow. In 2008, Portugal exported footwear to 120 different countries.

In this period of time, the footwear assumes itself again as the more internationalized sector of the Portuguese economy, putting abroad more than 90% of its production. In the last two years, Portuguese footwear exports increased 8.1%. The Portuguese footwear industry represents actually 5% of the production, 7% of exports and 17% of the employment in the European Markets.