And the «Oscar» goes to ....

The most prestigious fair of footwear in the world, the Micam, helded between 17 and 20 of September came back to host the "Innovation Awards in the Footwear Industry". At the 6th edition of the GAPI Awards, an initiative of Footwear Technological Center of Portugal and the INPI (Institute of Industrial Property), in the project GAPI (Office of Support to Industrial Property, the brand “Atelier do Sapato” won in the "Brand Revelation " category.

The “Atelier do Sapato” was born in the early of 2007, through the partnership established between the company “Fábrica de Calçado Macosmi” and a Dutch designer (Rens Hekstra). The manual work, care and the small details are the distinctive elements of the Atelier do Sapato. According to Jose Machado this brand falls within "a minimalist concept, which favors the natural leather, the elegant shapes and high heels, which is inspired on 40 and 50 years, particularly in Marilyn Monroe".

For the first time the GAPI awards distinguished a " Prestigious Brand " and the distinction relied on the designer Luis Onofre. The prize "Innovative Footwear" was awarded the brand Goldmud (which had distinguished last year as "Revelation Brand"), by developing a collection of "moccasins reversed", with the particularity of the leathers reveal characteristics of chameleon because they change color when exposed to sunlight.

In the design categories were distinguished for its first time Chibs brand (Cohibas in Portugal). Andre Fernandes highlighted the presentation of a new line developed in partnership with the designer Luis Henrique, where we can see "a new concept in the construction and sole, combining different types of materials" . In the Young segment was awarded Telyoh brand, while the Fly London convinced the jury by its overall design (in child, man and woman segments).

Since the beginning of the year in Portugal were created 19 new brands of footwear (were created more than 70 new brands since 2005) and registered more than 170 models (more than 650 models since 2005), involving 68 companies (more than 256 companies since 2005).

The Portuguese Innovation Awards in the footwear sector will be assigned by a jury consisting of representatives from INPI, CTCP, CFPIC, AICEP Portugal.

Registration of brands

According to Leonor Trindade, from INPI, which keep up the progress of the footwear sector for several years "there is a big change" in terms of innovation. "I observe a big concern in the details, identify the brands in the soles, for example, and a change of mentalities, with a concern to show innovation and differentiation," argued this representative.

The responsible of the Institute of Industrial Property, stressed also that "the footwear is one of the sectors that register more brands, using it as a distinguishing factor and measure of innovation", but she consider that there is still much to do in the area of register designs and models: "There is a certain ignorance about how to use the system of industrial property in their favor, including fighting against the copies. The registration and maintenance are very simple "says.

According to Leonor Trinidad is already possible to do all actions online, which allows reducing timings and simplifying procedures. And to encourage the use, the prices are substantially more favorable. The online registration of a patent is 50% cheaper, a brand is 30% and any other act has a 10% discount. Since the 1 st of October there were new changes, the prices to be lowered again.

Before the end of the year, the GAPI will also distinguish the other innovative companies in 2008, but now in the technological plan. The companies of components also may apply for the Awards Technological Innovation in the Footwear Sector.