Eureka invests in retail

The Eureka (Alberto de Sousa Ltd) will invest, during, 2009 at the opening of nine stores in Portugal. This is another important landmark for the company that was created 22 years ago and that has been distinguished by IAPMEI, as a leader SMEs.

Will be in the north of the country, "as a logistics question" said Alberto Sousa, partner-founder of the company, which will be installed the nine stores. Even in November last year, the Eureka invested in a store, with 300 m2 in Caldas de Vizela. Now, the main goal is to achieve the ten points of sale by the end of 2009.
This investment represents, also, the bet on the Portuguese market, because until now it was mainly of an exporting company, which privileged, especially Dutch, French, Belgian, British, Spanish and North American markets. In the UK, Eureka has even a trading company and a showroom. "Our design center and showroom located in London assures us a position of centrality in Europe, allowing us to supervise the trends of the market, for that way planning ahead our strategies for sales," noted Alberto de Sousa. In the future, the company intends to begin to approach the Polish, Arabic and Chinese markets.

In the commercial point of view, brands Philip Souza and Runner Bean are the two big bets of the Alberto Sousa, Ltd company. The first assumes a posture "irreverent, which check in the models the concept of relaxation and sportswear aimed to a niche market, specially the young people, who look for to be different and original, breaking the conservatism and the conventional concept". The Runner Bean is a brand "timeless, also designed to a young people, but with a more bold and eccentric concept".