Portuguese Footwear with a new Image

The Portuguese Footwear Industry has, since September, a new image. Supported in the logo Portuguese Shoes: Design by the Future, the new image of the Portuguese Footwear is inspired by the iconography typical Portuguese. It relies on a stamp of quality and intends to position itself as a mark of sophistication and constant innovation.

The Portuguese Footwear sector refreshed its image and reiterates the compromise to offer excellence in footwear with the best design ever. The new image of the sector is a bridge with the recent past. The new logo resembles the previous corporate image, but replacing the term "quality" by "design". It is a turning point in the sector. The Portuguese Footwear looks to the future and invest, as ever, in foreign markets. The new image will be the target of a strong international campaign. This is one of the major priority for the sector. In a recent survey by the Catholic University for APICCAPS, 70% of footwear companies perceived to be important to achieve a strong international campaign to promote the Portuguese footwear. Practicing this desire, in 2009 and 2010, more than 120 Portuguese companies will participate in promotional events abroad, a total investment of 17 million.

The new image will be already in evidence in the MICAM, which will have over than 70 Portuguese exhibitors, and this will be a crucial moment for the presentation of the new image.

A new compromise  

“A youthful, modern and forward-facing industry, one that unites the best in craft and tradition, cutting-edge technology know how with the best design ever. The Portuguese Footwear industry is constantly evolving. “This is the way that the industry is presented to foreign markets. Since the end of August, 60 thousand postcards are being distributed by the major importers, distributors, retailers in over 30 countries. In late September, a new mailling, this time with a can of shoe polish, will came to customers of the sector around the world.

As a part of the campaign of presentation of the new image of the Portuguese footwear will be published two editorials in fashion magazines. The first, with a collection Fall / Winter, will be published in Vogue Acessory magazine, that from Tokyo to New York, Beijing to London, Moscow, Paris, Milan and Madrid will have a circulation of 240 000 copies. Simultaneously, in the ARS Sutoria magazine will be presented, for the first time, proposals for Spring / Summer 2010 from eleven Portuguese brands. The new image will also be published in more than a dozen European magazines.

An image with history

Portuguese Shoes: Design by the Future is the third corporate image of Portuguese Footwear. The first collective presentation was in the seventies, when the industry was taking its first steps in foreign markets. The logo Shoes from Portugal allowed for the first time to present to the world an ambitious sector with great potential.
Portugal was the first country at a European level to present a sector image (Spain and Italy started the same way later). In the end of nineties, with the emergence in the competitive international market of new players, the Portuguese footwear presented the logo Portugal Quality Shoes. They invest in the quality designation intended to  be a differentiator for excellence, particularly in relation to Asia and Eastern Europe competitors. Already the new image, a creation of the company 37 Design (it should be noted that the APICCAPS held a contest of ideas with some of the largest Portuguese media agencies, selected the proposal from the 37 Design Agency) and aims to repose the Portuguese Footwear at external plan, betting in a modern, Chameleon image (the logo changes color depending on the surroundings), which argues for the ambition and the future.