New image of the Portuguese footwear

highly publicized

More than 60 thousand postcards and ten thousand shoe polish colorless with the new image of the Portuguese footwear were distributed in recent months all over the world. This communication and image campaign was developed by ICEP and APICCAPS and supported by COMPETE and wants to reposition the Portuguese footwear, seeing new opportunities for the future.

Focus on the logo Portuguese Shoes: Design by the Future, the new image of the Portuguese footwear is inspired by the iconography typical Portuguese. It relies on a seal of quality and intends to position itself as a mark of sophistication and constant innovation.

The Portuguese footwear sector has refreshed its image and renewed the commitment to offer excellence shoes. The new image of the sector is also a bridge with the recent past and wants to open new opportunities in the future. Indeed, the new logo resembles the previous corporate image, but replacing the term "quality" for "design" and added the word future. It is thus a turning point in the sector to play as ever, in foreign markets.

A new image has been the target of a strong international campaign by publishing more than 15 ads in fashion magazines and two fashion editorials (in Vogue Acessory and ARS Sutoria) distribution of 700 press kits in all the world fashion publications and also distribution of merchandising. In the GDS and MCM were distributed various communication supported with the new image of the Portuguese footwear.

The refresh of the Portuguese footwear image and its external promotion (increase of 21% to 17 million by the end of 2010) is a top priority for the sector. In a recent survey by Catholic University for APICCAPS, 70% of footwear companies perceived to be important to do a strong international campaign to promote the Portuguese footwear.