Portugal creates 25 new Footwear brands

Commercial area is amazingly the main focus of Portuguese footwear companies. For this reason, the sector has been deeply investing in external promotion. At the same time, has strengthened the focus on development of new products and branding.

Since 2002, the number of companies that used the GAPI (Support Office for Industrial Property) from Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal now reached 372. In this period, were created 115 national brands, 42 EU and 21 international.
The level of innovation in the sector is further attested by the 18 patents that the sector has an international scale. The design is also a crucial factor for companies, were registered 1226 different footwear models.

Just this year, data from GAPI-CTCP, concerning to the period from January to September, this year were created 25 new brands (more six than the average brand created between 2002 and 2008), 233 models, 3 patents, which involved 68 companies.