Portuguese companies

rewarded in MICAM

For the seventh year, the Support Office for Industrial Property (GAPI) from Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal (CTCP) returned to reward the companies that are more innovative. During the MICAM “Footwear Oscars” four companies were distinguished for the first time.

In the category "Revelation Brand" that wishes to honor recent brands that have a strategy and growth potential interesting won Chocolate Negro and Vudu Shoes. There are two brands approximately one year, which favor a young fashion and start to attract the interest of customers around the world. Chocolate Negro is a women s footwear brand and is the main focus of the company AS - Footwear Industry, and complement Virus Moda, another brand of the  same company, with over ten years, will conquer the most demanding international markets. Vudu Shoes is the project of Norberto Costa Lda, a commercial company. Recently, in the GDS Vudu Shoes was on an area highlighted in the prestigious "white cubs."

In the category "Prestige Collection" designer Luis Onofre presented a Footwear collection for women "with economic concerns (favoring the use of raw materials more accessible) and environmental (including raw materials more environmentally friend) "and returned to deserve the preferences of the jury consisting by members of the INPI, CTCP, IAPMEI, CFPIC and AICEP. According to Luis Onofre "this new collection wants to surprise with a fantastic look   for both  night and the day."

At the "Design" level three companies were distinguished, two of them for the first time. Indeed, if the Telmee won again in the category of children s footwear, Dkode and Century won, respectively, in the categories of shoes for women and men.

Created at eight years ago, Dkode is a Portuguese brand that grew fast in the recent years and is now present in the most demanding international markets. The bet in the National markets is recent, but already starting to "bear fruit" said Vasco Sampaio.

Century was created recently, but was surprised with the presentation of a sophisticated collection of footwear for golf, which use a goodyear system of construction and is esthetically very nice.