Paulo Portas exhorts the good results of Footwear Companies

“I’d like to challenge the Portuguese Footwear Industry, so that in 2015 it can reach 2.000 million euros of exportations”.  This was the challenge that the Portuguese vice-prime minister launched to the Footwear Industry, in the course of the biggest footwear exhibition worldwide.
From Paulo Portas point of view, “there is every reason to keep growing in 2015, mostly maintaining this internationalization process”. Paulo Portas also reinforced the positive expectations about 2014’s exportations. “We are still waiting for the final figures of 2014 exportations. Regarding goods, Portugal has grown 1.9%. The results of the service exportations, including tourism, will also be known. This means the exportations numbers will have an approximation to 3%. Portugal has accomplished its best year when it comes to exportations. It’s true there was a contraction on fuels, but there was also a remarkable effort from companies, which was reflected on the growth on 14 out of the 17 main products that Portugal exports.”

Portugal 2020

The Portuguese vice-prime minister has also announced the closure of the delivery of applications to "Compete 2020". The contest for the internalization of companies has 70 million euros available of community funds; however, projects with a value of 130 million euros were accepted. “They’re more than 2000 companies with internalization projects, which means we will have to make a careful management, so we can have a more complete and wide base as possible. This shows that only in this initial phase the applications have doubled the existing funds and this is only the start. There will be more contests. With this positive and confident attitude, I announce that this are the numbers of the new community support framework.”

“The strength that the Portuguese Footwear Industry has on our exportation’s universe is impressive.”

The February edition of the most important exhibition of the sector was marked by the visit of Paulo Portas, who apart from having a tour through the Portuguese delegation, also participated on the fair’s opening ceremony. The vice-prime minister reached over more than four dozens of companies in Milan and, stand by stand, was able to understand the internalization projects and the priority markets of different brands.
Paulo Portas also took the opportunity to recommend the Portuguese footwear to international buyers: “Those are very good Portuguese shoes”.

More than 80 Portuguese companies on the biggest footwear exhibition worldwide.

Portugal continues to enhance its presence on the biggest footwear exhibition worldwide. In total, over than 80 companies integrated the national delegation on MICAM, held from 15th to 18th February. In all, the Portuguese companies attending MICAM correspond approximately to eight thousand workplaces and 570 million euros of exports. Within this framework, the highlight was the reoccurrence of Portugal’s presence on the biggest and most prestigious footwear exhibition. As usual, the Portuguese companies were spread throughout the ten pavilions, by a special logic of product segmentation, which allowed a quicker and more efficient visit on Milan’s fair.

In total, more than 1.600 exhibitors, of approximately 50 countries, and more than 40.000 professional visitors have set presence on MICAM, which was held on February for the first time, due to a rescheduling logic that has been taking place on the international scene. Portugal was the second largest foreign delegation in Milan’s fair, surpassed only by Spain.

More than 700 external participations

The Portuguese Footwear Industry began to participate on external promotion events in an integrated way, in 1994. Before that there was only the accomplishment of a few punctual events, namely in Paris and GDS.
Since 1994 to 2014, the sector has participated in over 700 external promotional actions, which resulted in the participation of more than 8.500 companies.