From Head to Toes: ModaLisboa reinforces partnerships

“Curiosity is the heart of fashion and fashion is going to show its colors”. Thus began the unraveling of the trends for the next cold season of the national fashion. From 13 to 15 of March, some of the most emblematic buildings of Lisbon, including Patio da Galé, received ModaLisboa’s 44th edition. Curiouser has set the theme for the three days of trends, on this curious, irreverent and surprising edition, and filled up the capital with fashion’s fervor. Hundreds of journalists, dozens of buyers and visitors set presence on one more celebration of what is best done in Portugal.

Sangue Novo – ModaLisboa’s initiative, which supports and discloses young talents of the national fashion - has set the theme for the three days of trends, with bold and creative proposals of young designers. Duarte, Inês Duvale, Cristina Real, David Catalán, Patrick de Pádua, M HKA, Patrícia da Costa, Tânia Fonseca and Ruben Damásio publicly presented what Sangue Novo breathes. It is an increasingly important platform when it comes to launching new national talent in the international panorama, which, in this edition, gave an opportunity to Patrick de Pádua to present his proposals within the international context.

Olga Noronha flooded the Town Hall Council with creative proposals of medically prescribed jewelry. An intrusion to the human second skin, emphasizing and mapping the complex set of the blood flow conductive channels. Once again jewelry shined on Lisbon’s passerelles with Valentin Quaresma’s proposals, which opened the second day on the runways.

The love for the motherland, the rescue of social ties and the rainbow and its unique rays of colors were some of the inspirations to Dino Alves and Filipe Faísca, two of the 20 Portuguese creators who transformed Patio da Galé into a stage of an authentic avant-garde revolution of the national fashion. 
For the 44th time in history, the lights turned on and the halls of the City Hall were filled with hundreds of mannequins on a 400 meters runway. What represents Portugal was once again on the spotlight during the whole event. Special highlight to the collection inspired by The Lusiads, signed by Nuno Gama, which exhorted one of the most important passages of the Portuguese History. Pedro Pedro brought a perfect end to Lisbon’s fashion week with proposals inspired by the classic ballet. Once again, minimalism and the perfect choice of materials combined in unique proposals.

Happy Marriages

The trends for the next cold season of the national fashion were released with more than fifteen creative partnerships. Once more, Lisbon passarelles were a stage to the connection between footwear and clothing design, establishing an increasingly strong and linked national identity. Alexandra Moura and Goldmud; Miguel Vieira and Evereste; Nuno Gama and Eureka; Pedro Pedro and Basilius; Ricardo Preto and Clay’s; Valentim Quaresma and Fly London renewed their bonds and returned to the national runway side-by-side.

Special focus on the new partnerships between Kolovrat and NoStudio, Luís Carvalho and Eureka, Dino Alves and Nobrand, Ricardo Andrez and Senhor Prudêncio (footwear for men) and Eureka (footwear for women) that will kick-start new collaborations. 

Also in Sangue Novo platform, footwear has a prominent place. BANDA joined with Nelson Oliveira, Patrícia da Costa to the brand Felmini and Duarte with Ten Toes. In her turn, Cristina real, who is also a young designer, took a chance on creating her personal design, a line of shoes in her own name.
This truly strategic partnerships between designers and brands aim to state the Portuguese fashion within the international context. Combining production quality with creativity has been one of the responsible motives for the growth of the national footwear sector. Brands are aware that encouraging a creative language enables the reinforcement of an identity and that the market will always be open to distinctive products.