Companies are making investments in Portugal

With exportations reaching up a new all-time high for five years in a row, the Portuguese footwear companies are investing on indoors expansion. To cope with the external markets requests, to where the sector exports 95% of its production, plans like buying new factories, new equipment, increase the number of workers and an expansion of the current facilities are taken into consideration. Centenário, Ferreira Avelar, Macosmi and Carité have evaluated investments in more than 45 million euros. However, there are more companies' projects still undiscovered. 
Ferreira Avelar invested approximately 400 thousand euros on his company’s expansion. One more factory is being finished, alongside with the two factories already existing. The new production site will be ready in April 2015 and will receive the sections of assembly, finishing and shipping. Along with the facilities’ enlargement, the company in Santa Maria da Feira still predicts some renewals on the current factory organization, so it can have a space specifically to materials storage.

The company, which holds the brands Ferreira&Avelar and Profession Bottier, has plans of abroad investments. A show-room will be opened in Paris in June and in April it will have its first experience in a fair in Japan, which is a priority market for the brand. The goal is to duplicate the sales in the Asiatic country, to where the brand exports just 3% of its production.

Carité is also on an expansion process. The group that has a factory in Felgueiras, also operates with two units in Celorico de Basto. The relocation into the interior of the country is a solution adopted by many companies, since it usually is an area with a high concentration of the footwear industry, as in the case of Felgueiras and São João da Madeira that no longer have skilled workforce available. The company in Felgueiras recently opened a small unit for the production of a sophisticated range, in São João da Madeira, and invested half a million euros in new equipment.

From Felgueiras we now go to Oliveira de Azeméis, where Centenário’s family business gets ready to expand their production unit. In the past few years, the company specialized on the production of golf footwear in Goodyear system; in which it has been focusing a significant part of its investments. Thereby restructuring the assembly line is fundamental, so that it can be possible to maximize the production capacity. The expansion of the facilities to a lot adjacent to the factory can increase the production in 15% and will have an investment of 1.250 million euros.

In Santo Tirso we can find Macosmi. This company, based in São Martinho do Campo, has expansion projects with a value of 2.5 million euros. On this company’s plans are a construction of two new buildings, in Santo Tirso, which will allow a production capacity of 1.500 pairs of shoes per day.
Responsible for the brand Coquettera, Macosmi has also in its plans the construction of a new pavilion in Castelo de Paiva, where it has already a small production unit installed. This expansion will enable an increase to the manufacturing of 500 pairs of shoes per day and will employ more than 30 people, according to the responsible, José Machado.

Besides, the company foresees the introduction of a new layout, along with a new management system. In addition to this, it has also acquired a new sewing conveyor with 82 production stations, which will make Macosmi independent when it comes to the sewing segment.
The group Kyaia keeps its expansion project in Paredes de Coura. At the present time, the group produces a whole of 4.500 pairs of shoes per day, together with all of its brands. Until 2024, the goal is to duplicate the production to 9.000 pairs of shoes per day. To accomplish this task, an increase of the facilities is in progress, with the construction of three new industrial pavilions on a complex in Guimarães and one more in Paredes de Coura. Overall, the facilities’ increase will create approximately 300 new jobs opportunities.