Calçado com recorde de exportações

The Footwear Industry breaks exportation records

Portuguese footwear exportations have grown 7,7% in 2014. In the last year, Portugal remarkably exported 89 million pairs of footwear, worth of 1.870 million euros. It’s the 5th consecutive year of exportations growth, which reached up a historical high.

Exportations have grown practically in every market, namely in Europe, with an increase of 7,2% to 1.623 million euros. Outside Europe (maximum increase of 10%), the highlight goes to USA performances (more than 69% to 46 million euros), Angola (more than 3% to 28 million euros), Canada (more than 24% to 23 million euros) and Australia (more than 34% to 11 million euros). Countries like China, Colombia and Japan are also starting to earn a spotlight in the geographical map of the footwear sector exportations.

Since 2009, the sales of the Portuguese footwear on external markets have increased more than 50%. Portugal is consolidating its presence on European markets and has already duplicated the presence on non-EU markets.