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3DC - Intelligent Nature, Lda



3DC - Intelligent Nature, Lda
Zona Industrial do Pousado, 67 - Pav.B
4535-516 Paços de Brandão  Paços de Brandão

Tlf: ++351 220 818 002
Fax: ++351 220 818 003
E-mail: snunes@3dcork.com
Web: www.3dcork.com


We are a 100% Portuguese Company owned by father and daughter that joined their best skills and knowledge in cork, production and marketing.
We give the best of us every minute, in every product and in every new project. Above all we love what we do! 3DCORK is part of our family. Come to meet us better!

From the Beguining

It all started in 2006 when Bernardo Nunes decided to launch his own business after more than 20 years working as an industrial and commercial engineer in the cork industry. It was the day he turned 50 years old that the company was born. Few months later his daughter Sara, a young graduat in Economics, joined him.

To the Present

Together they started to build their dream, creating the brand 3DCORK in 2010. Today, with their team they bring to live  different type of products from shoe components to homeware, home utilities as well as pieces of high technical accuracy having in common the usage of cork and other natural or recyclable materials.




Cork aglomerate sole
Cork soles
Leather sock lining