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ISI Soles

I.S.I. Industria de Solas Injectadas, Lda



I.S.I. Industria de Solas Injectadas, Lda
Santo Andre - Friande
4620-324  Felgueiras

Tlf: +351255313845
Fax: +351255922875
E-mail: isi@isisoles.com
Web: www.isisoles.com


ISI Soles vision is since a very early phase of the organization in alignment with strong social and environment responsibility. Is not a note, it is a daily attitude visible in our responsible, ethical oriented behaviour with our employers and with the products we develop making the effort not only to improve community we are integrated in but in minimizing the negative impact industrial activity could result to society and environment. A group of actions are implemented every year to support and improve Industrial waste treatment and recycling. Social concerns are taken in consideration and to show how we value our employees several initiatives are planned to provide a healthy and safe work environment from training in different skills, making available employees break spaces and improvement ideas presentation. The protocol celebration with local schools and universities within Felgueiras area has become an important development and source of change in the community and in our organization .

Specialization in injected and prefabricated soles. Using the most

innovative and wider range of raw materials to assure product quality:

from TR, PVC, TPU including innovating versions with light and

diversification options developed by ISI Soles itself.

Count with more than 80 direct employees and same number of indirect

professionals in cooperation through established partnerships in crucial

areas for the company such as production subcontract and sales

development. Young team but experienced and with the essential

know-how to work in compliance with main brands and big international

groups demanding requests.

Additional to this characteristic, ISI Soles integrate equipment’s

and leading-edge technologies within production, development and soles

finishing. It is important to point out that currently prototyping is

developed in 3D.

Currently with a 2.8 million yearly

production we just finishing an expansion process to prepare us to

raise yearly capacity for the 4 million.




Cork soles
Molded PVC soles
Molded Solder TR
Pre-milled Leather Soles