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ISI Soles

I.S.I. Industria de Solas Injectadas, Lda



I.S.I. Industria de Solas Injectadas, Lda
Rua Nicolau Coelho nº3741 C
4610-741  Sendim

Tlf: +351255313845
Fax: +351255922875
E-mail: isi@isisoles.com
Web: www.isisoles.com


ISI Soles is the first portuguese outsole producer to get the certification for a integrated management system by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We have a commitment with the environment introducing new more sustainable raw material and adapting our production process to provide a low carbon footprint of our products.   

Founded in 1999 ISI Soles is today an expert and leader in the footwear component sector. Specialized in the production of injected outsoles with the most modern technology and diversified raw materials, ISI Soles seeks to provide a service of excellence guaranteeing versatility, quality and innovation in all products. 

Counting with more than 90 employees prepared with the most diverse skills ISI Soles provides everyday a service and a product the costumer can trust. We offer to all our clients a specialized design team for the development of products, 3D printing, prototyping, and sampling that allow the customization of any project. The outsoles are produced with high quality raw materials, such as TR, PVC, TPU, Neolite, leather, Micro, and our internally developed raw material the ISI Light for the production of light and ultralight soles. 

ISI Soles has also a department specialized in prefabricated soles and finishes where we perform the most diverse and complex finishing operations. 




Cork soles
Molded PVC soles
Molded Solder TR
Pre-milled Leather Soles