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VAPESOL - Fab. Componentes p/ Calçado, Lda



VAPESOL - Fab. Componentes p/ Calçado, Lda
Rua de Revinhade, 421
4650-376 Revinhade  Felgueiras

Tlf: +351255330146
Fax: +351255330929
E-mail: contabilidade2@vapesol.com
Web: www.vapesol.com


Vapesol is a company that has been founded in 1998 and has developed a lot since its establishment. We are specialized in the manufacture of shoe soles, as TR, TR 100% Biodegradable, PVC, Bio PVC, TPU, Mono/ Bic/ Tricolor, Bio density and extra light TR soles.

Today, Vapesol manufactures for the top international brands, exports for over 20 countries and we have also our own soles collection.

Our focus is making quality soles that meet our client’s demands.

We believe that the sole is the foundation of a good shoe, a sole with quality and design makes a shoe more appealing.
We are leader company in Portugal in the production of injected soles of TR, TPU and PVC, betting in the best technology, specialized equip that guarantee an excellent end item, respecting always the parameters of quality and environment.
We are completely autonomous in developing a prototype, mold, production and concept of quality.
We innovate with new solutions, techniques and resources. Give us your ideas and concepts and we materialize.
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Molded Rubber Soles
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