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Abotoa, Lda



Abotoa, Lda
Rua de Fundões, 151, Edifício Sanjotec
3700-121  S. João da Madeira

Tlf: +351214187674
E-mail: info@wearskypro.com
Web: www.wearskypro.com


Abotoa Lda was born in 2004. At that time, we were managing several franchise stores for a well-known fashion brand all around Lisbon, Portugal.

We started to focus on the footwear market with the comfort brand Aerosoles.

In partnership with Aerosoles, to create Aerosoles/Pro in 2007, a brand of occupational footwear for professionals.
This partnership with Aerosoles allowed us to become the sole footwear provider for the Portuguese airline TAP.
Later in 2010, we launched a new shoe - Brand Muffins Delicious shoes. With this client-focused experience, the team started to understand the constant need for comfortable work footwear.
n 2012, we received the GAPI award for Technical Shoes. This was also when we opened our Online Store and started one of our most important partnerships with the American Company, D&F Marketing’s, which allowed us to start our operation in the United States.

In 2013, we had the world’s first certified men’s shoes that complied with the international standard EN ISO 20347. Up to this point, this certification had only been awarded to regular safety shoes. We also found a new partner in Australia in 2013.

In 2014, Abotoa Lda received new shareholders and become Abotoa SA. We also made important partnerships with retail stores in Norway, Netherlands and Germany.

This was the year when we undertook the mission to care for all professionals and to develop different products and services, using the latest technology in order to provide crews all around the world with the ultimate care they need.