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Bloomers, Lda



Bloomers, Lda
Morada: Rua São Domingos n. 182
4710-435 Braga  

Tlf: +351 919 799 110
Fax: +351
E-mail: info@josefinas.com
Web: josefinas.com/pt/


One day a woman had a dream, others joined her, and Josefinas were born.

Josefinas is a Portuguese brand born from a dream. In a country in

crisis, where there was little room for dreams, making handmade shoes

had a new name: Josefinas. In Portugal, there is something that has

never died: the savoir faire of craftsmen and the passion for an idea.

'Never give up' has always defined Josefinas’ path. The name Josefinas

was born in honor of Filipa Júlio’s grandmother, the brand's founder.

Grandma Josefina always made Filipa’s life a special adventure,

especially when she took her to ballet class. We hope that the Josefinas

story inspires the path of many other women, straight to the

realization of their dreams, just as it inspires us daily!




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