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Armando Silva, Lda


Armando Silva, Lda
Rua Manuel Vieira Araújo, Lote 8 - Zona Industrial das Travessas
3701-909  São João da Madeira

Tlf: +351.256.200.620
Fax: +351.256.200.629
E-mail: antonioqueiros@armandosilva.pt
Web: www.armandosilva.pt


In 2009 the brand GINO B was founded and since then has grown to become an international brand with three main concepts or main collections.

APRES SKI SNEAKERS is a typical winter concept, well known for its luxury sheep lined sneakers. The design of the après-ski-sneakers finds its origin in the inspiration obtained in luxury ski-resorts and ski-fashion around the world. Of course the sneakers are worn not only by the jet set who love to ski but also by celebrities and fashionistas around the world. It's an ideal sneaker for winter, handmade and lined with sheepskin, popular due to the amazing comfort and incredible fit. Available in a wide range of colours they are easily recognizable by the signature bend-down wool and double strap. They are available in luxury stores in most ski resorts and fashion stores in Europe.

NATURAL BORN SNEAKERS are designed and developed for all seasons. Timeless sneakers with an amazing comfort thanks to the natural elements of the shoes. Luxury, handmade sneakers, made from highest quality Italian leathers. A soft calf-leather lining offers utmost comfort and ventilation during winter and summer. A unique cork-filling and natural rubber both acts as a shock absorber, offers natural insulation and adapts perfectly to the feet. Thanks to the antibacterial sole the shoes can even be worn without socks. The Natural Born Sneaker is available in natural colours, from light grey to blue and from beige to dark brown.

4PLAY SNEAKERS was launched in 2013 as premium collection of GINO B and is available in a selected number of high-fashion stores around Europe.








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