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BRADCO - Fabricaçao e Comercializaçao de Marroquinaria S.A.



BRADCO - Fabricaçao e Comercializaçao de Marroquinaria S.A.
Zona Industria de Felgueiras
4550-161  Castelo de Paiva

Tlf: +3,51256E+11
E-mail: info@brasport-group.com
Web: www.brasport-group.com


If Brasport could be summed up in one word, that word would be innovation: a distinctly uality and most of all characteristic of the spirit that drives the Brasport Group. An expert in luxury leathergoods and partner to the most prestigious names, this enterprising group has built up networks and subsidiaries, and forged its own brands.

Present in all four corners of the globe, this family-owned business is now part of the digital world too, a transition it meticulously planned with its R&D division.

A lesson in how to exploit strengths and expertise to satisfy the demands of the 2.0 digital era. Pioneers, avant-garde, dreamers, precursors, passionate; whatever the description, the Brasport Group, inspired thinking is embedded in their DNA.




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