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Jacinto Azevedo & Santos, Lda


Jacinto Azevedo & Santos, Lda
Rua da Igreja, 346
4535-446 São Paio de Oleiros  Oleiros

Tlf: +351227410179
Fax: +351227410181
E-mail: dulcegomes@cavalinho.com


Cavalinho is a pure domestic brand with its roots in the north of Portugal. It began in 1975 as a family company and became famous for its contemporary design and craftsmanship of its men’s and women’s collections of wallets, purses, accessories and footwear.

The brand owes its success to three secrets – the use of noble materials, the design and the exclusively domestic production. Elegance and exclusivity are reinvented in every collection.

Cavalinho has been challenging innovation for 30 years, investing in manufacturing techniques and methods. At its plant in São Paio de Oleiros, its designers and production team work together to create the collection’s personality and the details of each product.

The passion and exclusive identity place Cavalinho at the top of domestic fashion brands today. It can now be found in more than 300 multi-brand stores around the world and it recently embraced the challenge of retailing its own brand by opening official “Cavalinho” stores throughout the whole of Portugal.




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