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José Jacinto Ramalho & Filhos, Lda



José Jacinto Ramalho & Filhos, Lda
Av Padre Inácio Antunes, 58
2475-102 BENEDITA  Apartado 39

Tlf: +351.262.928.324
Fax: +351.262.928.760
E-mail: financeiro@olhamar.com
Web: www.olhamar.com


Its a brand born in the world without being based on a space or location. The brand is for a sophisticated and stylish target, that recognizes originality and uniqness. The logo is the outward expression of the brand.

Olhamar is a 40 years old specialized factory for fashion accessories.
In the recent years, the fashion accessories are associated with brands of clothing. Those brands have expanded their portfolio to accessories, fragrances and other products to expand their image, their target and their profit.

We are witnessing a big increase of the accessories search as a style statement. The indiviaduality afirmation and the customization of the look became more relevant than the "full brand look". The fashion accessories play a role as much as important as the clothing. Each season every designer and brands come up with a top of must haves.

The opportunity arises from the idea of creating a new brand that provides accessories that will enrich and personalize the look of a stylish target that cares about uniqueness.




Belts & Braces
Leashes and collars for animals
Leather key chain
Men's bags and briefcase
Small Leather Goods
Women's Bags