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Marta Ponti

Malas Peixoto Soares, Lda


Malas Peixoto Soares, Lda
R Carlos Duarte Caneças, 18-A
2700-163 AMADORA  

Tlf: +351.214.989.740
Fax: +351.214.989.749
E-mail: conceicao.timoteo@mps.pt
Web: www.martaponti.com


The MP brand began in 1965 with a collection of vegetable leather handbags made in Portugal. The quality of the hand craftsmanship is visible in every detail. The shapes, fittings, pockets and flaps are carefully designed for the greatest effectiveness, comfort and style. The leather and materials are meticulously selected, honouring the tradition of meeting the MP quality standards.
The first Marta Ponti collection was launched in 1996, with bags that had a youthful design blending leathers and traditional finishes to give each bag incomparable quality and distinction.
MP and Marta Ponti are now benchmark brands in Portugal for leather accessories, including handbags, briefcases and leather goods. Despite all the changes since 1965, the essential has remained the same.




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