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RUFEL - Ind. de Calçado, Lda



RUFEL - Ind. de Calçado, Lda
3700-748  Milheiros de Poiares

Tlf: +351256841226
Fax: +351256841632
E-mail: anabela@rufel.pt
Web: www.rufel.pt


RUFEL, a company specialised in manufacturing bags and accessories for men and women, since 1975, was born in S. João da Madeira.

Rufino Santos, then 15 years old, decided to make bags for men, investing the little money he had to buy a sewing machine. Those were very fashionable in the 70s. He began alone, in an annex of his parents' home. Being a real entrepreneur, he did it all by himself, from cutting to sewing the bag. Only later did he begun to hire workers.

Since then, RUFEL hasn’t stopped growing. and eight years ago Rufino's daughters became managers of the company. Ivânia and Carina Santos are now in charge of RUFEL, but always take in consideration their father's opinion and vast experience in the industry.

In 2005, with the growth of RUFEL, it became necessary to move to the industrial zone of S. João da Madeira. This made the company more easily accessible for customers.
In terms of their products, the RUFEL tag means quality of the leather and materials applyed. RUFEL bags last a lifetime. Applications are made from Zamac metal, so it doesn’t rust.

All RUFEL bags are manufactured in a semi-artisan way. The leather is hand cut, building details that make the difference.

In 2011 the company has launched the male line, with exclusive items for the modern and executive man who is fan of tablets and smart phones. RUFEL is currently recognized as a leading brand in the national market. The international market contributes significantly to the sustained growth of the company. Currently 90% of the production is for the international market. Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Angola and Mozambique are currently the major markets.

The quality and versatility of the product, as well as the delivery of the orders in the estimated time, are the main points to the loyalty of our partners.




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