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Product Women
Segment High - Medium
Use Urban
Type Boots - Mocassins - Sandals - California - Shoes

Considered during decades as one of the references of the Portuguese footwear industry, Basilius reborn under the guidance of a new leadership and a renewed spirit.

An historical name to which strong values such as innovation, quality and prestige are usually assigned, Basilius remains an important reference in the footwear market and presents itself today more trendy and fashionable than ever.

Basilius Basilius

Behind the rebirth of the brand is Becig, who in 2006 kicked of the new project of the company from São João da Madeira, which currently manufactures 500 000 pairs of shoes per year, while focusing on quality and innovation.

Most of the orders come from France, but the company is constantly looking to diversify its portfolio of clients. Russia, Japan and Portugal are also showing increased interest for the brand.

In the words of Cláudio da Silva from Becig, the woman wearing Basilius shoes “is elegant, sophisticated and likes to be fashionable”. Such characteristics caught the attention of designer Pedro Pedro, who has partnered with the footwear brand to present joint collections in the catwalks.  To give the brand more visibility and stimulate the creation of unusual products for clients with a peculiar taste for little details that make the difference in a shoe, are the reasons behind the partnership.

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