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Calçado Tropico

Product Women
Segment High - Medium
Use Urban - Classic - Young Fashion - Ceremony
Type Booties - Boots - Sandals - Ballet flats - High heel - Shoes

A company that has been crearting-strictly, high-quality shoes of

essential elegance throughout the world since 1984.

A rich tradition with an enterpreneurial spirit that looks to the future. From Portugal, with constant commitment, the company promotes and develops its international markets. From Paris to Berlin, Milan to Shanghai, the Perlato brand is an expression of elegance, refinement and confort.

Perlato is a footwear company, with the excellence of shoe manufacture at its heart. Focused on conquering new international markets everyday, from Paris to Berlin, to Milan and Shangai, Perlato is constantly developing and adapting to the ever growing requirements of the footwear market. A rich tradition, with an entrepreneurial spirit that looks to the future, and the constant focus on innovation, keep us at the forefront of the footwear manufacturing industry, offering fashionable designwith a daring spirit.

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