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Construction Type Blake
Product Men - Women
Segment High

PARADIGMA is a 100% Made in Portugal brand owned by the second generation of a Shoemakers family that since 1987 has accumulated a strong know-how, and an improved sensibility on what is needed to make a high quality shoe, being one of the finest shoemakers of leather BLAKE stitched shoes this is our DNA

Every shoe is made with top quality Calf skins, and in the production of each pair hundreds of manual operations are performed, mixing decades of expertise with some of the best craftsmanship.

Paradigma Paradigma

Our Collections are a proudly assumed exercise of transgression, from the simplest to the bold, deconstructing core concepts, and adding then layers on the reconstruction.Paradihma  shoes is meant to showcase the density of influences, the brand’s path so far, our most memorable achievements, and the ones that helped us realize where do we want to move forward, our identity, our strengths, but also, our most human, and fragile side.

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