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Pinto Di Blu

Product Women
Segment High - Medium
Use Sporty - Urban - Classic - Young Fashion - Ceremony
Type Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Sandals - Ballet flats - Shoes - Costumized

Our business is 100% Portuguese and we manufacture exclusively ladies’ footwear.
Let me tell you a little about our company…

Once upon a time, a small Portuguese company was born, near Santa Maria da Feira, a little south of Porto. Its name was Costa, Costa & Oliveira Ltd. This was back in 1991! The business grew and the little company set off on its voyage of discovery of new uncharted markets.

In the beginning of adulthood, in 2011, the corporate image was renovated and the brand Pinto Di Blu was born.

Just like the butterfly that became the brand’s logo, we left our cocoon, spread our wings and flew farther and farther away. Not even the sky was a limit. Nowadays, the company is not so little anymore. We are almost celebrating our 30th Anniversary and the team continues to work hard to maintain the synergy between the know-how and experience of older co-workers, the fresh blood of the new team members and the latest technologies and techniques. The finest raw materials and accessories are selected by our skilled artisans together with our hip, trendy competent R&D team. The co-operation between different generations and sets of knowledge keeps us at the forefront of our sector and allows us to produce shoes which are inimitable and matchless as they go through production stages where the artisan’s touch is essential to make high quality, unique styles. Our clients won’t find thousands of similar shoes everywhere they look. All our shoes have a distinctive touch which is a result of the manual, personalised finishing. We export to more than 25 countries around the world and work in private label for some very prestigious international brands. One of our main concerns is the quality of the raw materials we use, and we select the best suppliers we can. We usually buy from Italy and Spain but increasingly more and more from Portugal. This helps us make our production process more sustainable and creating closer partners who can guarantee us the proximity we need create win-win partnerships. Our styles are cosmopolitan, trendsetting and feminine: footwear for every age, every occasion, every taste, every woman… There’s much more to this story, of course, but you’ll have the opportunity to find that out if you dare to continue to be our travel companion in this adventure that is the universe of shoes!

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