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Product Women - Children - Unisex
Segment High
Type Boat Shoes - Boots - Mocassins - Sandals

With a wide experience of 25 years in the production of footwear for children and youth, Reguila defines itself as a specialist in the manufacture of quality shoes (all products have fur lining), and won, over time, the trust of customers and consumers

The pre-andante line reflects our way for children and was conceived to think about their well-being. In order to satisfy the requests of a public of different ages, besides this line, we have created over the last years new lines, of which the Ubik line stands out today.

Since 1988 in Santa Maria da Feira, traditionally a region of high quality Portuguese shoes, the company Reguila produces and distributes footwear for children in different parts of the world.

Inspired in large part by the female universe, from children to young women, UBIK products reflect themes such as the city and the urban environment.

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