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Segura Sic, Lda

Product Men - Women - Children
Use Classic - Young Fashion
Type Boots - High heel - Leather key chain - Synthetic sock lining - Vegan

Portuguese manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience making men, women, children and baby footwear, in Felgueiras - north of Portugal. We can make almost any style.

Private labels and Brand X Brand collaborations are available. We started by, in 1986 manufacturing army boots, but we have quickly directed ourselves to something more alternative, like Mod, Rock, Goth, Punk, Rockabilly, Vegan subcultures... Sold all over Europe, but also USA, Nepal, Macau and Australia, our alternative footwear of Steelcaps, creepers, Bowling or 50's classic are all over the world. We make collabs with other brands of the same segment, like Alchemy England x Steelground with their alternative jewwllery with Swarovsky crystals.

Segura Sic, Lda Segura Sic, Lda

That's how the brand Steelground, was born, 10 years ago.

Brand: Steelground Recently, we have embrace also the Vegan and sustainable casual footwear and the manufacture of ladies purses, suspenders and dog collars. But recently, due to non precedent crisis that our planet is facing, and our consciousness regarding the animal suffering in industries, we have developed more casual collections for the Vegan and Sustainable segments, in order to satisfy the demand. Even though we work with leather,our gold is to increase the Vegan and sustainable materials in our production. We often use biodegradable, organic, microfibers, 100% natural ( pinatex, jute…), recycled, or upcycled (Seaqual, recycled rubber soles), vegetal tanned leather, Cork… By exhibiting in fairs of this segment, like Neonyt in Berlin, due to our footwear innovation in terms of materials circularity and sustainability. We gave several interviews to, for example: Euronews, to Conscious fashion campain (that in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, engages global industry events to commit to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals). But also by NTD (russian online newspaper) and CGTN ( chinese online newspaper) in 2020. Our Vegan line is now also Petta approved. Jojn us, we can develop your footwear brand. Or contact us to make a collaboration.

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