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ASV Stübbe Portuguesa

Type Molded PU Soles

Today we are one of the leading European suppliers of shoe soles in Polyurethane. We produce since 1985 in our plant in Portugal.

Of German origin, the production of shoe soles by ASV Stübbe has a long tradition. Beside the application of compact PU in restricted areas of the soles, our PU/PU combination, allows the production of bi-colour soles and also bi-density soles. The Bottom part it´s done in compact PU, with non-slip features and good abrasive resistance. The adherence between the two parts is 100% guaranteed. PU could be also combined with other materials, such as: TPU and Rubber. “There is no need to give up comfort to get a fashion product.”

ASV Stübbe Portuguesa ASV Stübbe Portuguesa