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Construction Type Goodyear Welted - Injection
Product Men - Women - Children - Unisex
Segment Luxury - High - Medium - Low
Use Casual - Sporty - Urban - Orthopedic - Classic - Young Fashion - Safety - Ceremony - Golf - Medical - Western-Cowboy
Type Boots - Sneakers - Ecological - Molded Rubber Soles - Molded PU Soles - Leather board - Molded PVC soles - Leather welt - Rubber welt - TR welt - Vegan

Since June 2019, Soviras is certified by ISO 9001:2015. This certification is a guarantee seal of its processes and services provided for its clients, thus strengthening the company's credibility at both national and international levels.Soviras continually invests in new technologies and a highly qualified workforce to present innovative solutions regarding design, processes, products and services, with the newest biggest example happening in 2020: environmental certification.

Soviras is on the market since 2002 and is specialized in the production of footwear components, namely welts and cover heels. The company produces all types of welts from different materials, such as leather, salpa, rubber, TR, PVC, TPU, EVA and cork with a current annual production capacity of 12 million meters of welts and 1.5 million cover heels pairs.

Soviras Soviras Soviras

Although the company is dedicated to large ammounts, it also produces small orders taking into account the client's needs, in order to have an exclusive product. As a cutting edge company that invests in innovation and concerned about the environment, Soviras is constantly seeking new solutions to improve the supply to its clients, therefore it's now presenting recycled and eco-friendly welts. This cutting edge spirit is one of the most valuable assets of the company and differentiates it from the competition. All of this with our main focus on the clients and certain that we're stronger day by day.

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