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Marqsol, manufacture of soles, presents itself as a new solution in the market.
Founded by Paulo Marques, with 25 years of commercial experience, it brings together an experienced team for a service accompanied in the development and supply of soles.

Our main focus is to work towards the customer's profile and at the same time offer a commercial and innovative collection in order to support the development of our industry.

Always attentive to the needs of our customers, we aim to provide a personalized and assertive service. We have established partnerships with the best suppliers so that, together, we are able to respond to the needs of our customers and the market.

SUSTAINABILITY. The time is "now" Sustainability is, in our view, a comprehensive theme that does not end in time nor is it specific to a region, culture or sector of activity. We are, above all, defenders of a sustainable development and production model and we firmly believe that we can be protagonists and play a transforming role that contributes to the sustainability of our planet. Yet more sustainable behavior, realizing that in addition to the desirable economic or financial profit, the aspects of social responsibility and environmental impact are also indispensable. We are proud to implement the best practices in this field, namely through a shared value chain, the use of recycled materials, such as rubber, cork remains, among others, constituting a source of inspiration for other companies. At the same time, our consumer, in the purchase process, can influence on a large scale the entire life cycle of the product, from the extraction of the raw materials that compose it, to the limit of its existence and reintegration into nature. Sustainability is for MARQSOL a power that is both individual and collective.

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