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Luís Onofre Show at Portugal Fashion

Fashion Films - 30 Apr 2021

Media Luís Onofre Show at Portugal Fashion
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When skill is an expression of glory, a collection can turn into an army of timeless pieces that helps us break away from the challenges of our time. For the Winter of 2021, Luis Onofre was inspired by the military grandeur of Napoleon Bonaparte, to develop a remarkable collection, where design is at the service of an essence that is not affected by time. It is time to return to life with all our energy!

SHAPES & COLOURS The power is in appearances and Luis Onofre highlights boots as the winning winter format. Versatile, they can be short, slim fit or ruffled. Among the impact of red, pink or purple suede adorned with gold and the discretion of the croco effect printed in military green, all styles converge. The robustness of the galoshes is softened by the addition of high heels and the brightness of white. Texan boots return with their contrasting embroidery. Innovation also arises through a new shape of a curved heel adorned with the monogram of the brand that stands out in ankle boots and stilettos.

MATERIALS Slippers can be glamorous when we add the nobility of fun, metallic or colourful fur applications. At a time when outdoor footwear codes intersect with indoor ones, Luis Onofre has fun adorning and bringing to the street a model that everyone associates with the comfort of home. The military-inspired fittings in aged silver become the ornament that best represents the strength of this collection, especially when associated with skins, fur and suede.

Photo: Backstage by Dulce Daniel for Portugal Fashion