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Portuguese Shoes Manifesto

04 May 2023

Media Portuguese Shoes Manifesto
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I said it at the beginning…But not everyone was there listening at the beginning.
Perhaps because the beginning of this new Millennium is different from the the beginning of the last.
Back when everything was a discovery.
When we were lost.
When we had failed.
When we needed solutions.
When we craved to be surprised.
We couldn’t see but we were ready forchange.
We were aware.We were fearless!

Oh we were fearless.
Until the way got to us.
We are ready for every challenge.
We didn’t accept boundaries. We don’t accept boundaries. We are here.
We are sexy. We are light. We have the strategy. We seek detail. We are audacious. We have balls. If you see us you may notice we are being pushed through time...To you. To global