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ASPORTUGUESAS launches its own app

- 18 Feb 2021

News ASPORTUGUESAS launches its own app
The goal is to reach the generation Z

Buying shoes online isn’t a recent reality. However, experience it while only using the phone seems science fiction. But it’s real! And that was made possible by a national brand.
ASPORTUGUESAS, a brand of footwear made from cork, created by Pedro Abrantes, and that gather Kyaia and Corticeira Amorim, was the pioneer in this technological field and has developed an app that allows clients to try the shoes on without leaving home. How? Through augmented reality, clients can have a similar experience of being in the store. For that, "just choose one pair of ASPORTUGUESAS from the 3D referenced models, both at the brand’s website and app, point the phone’s camera, or the camera of any other device you might be using, and the user will be immediately with the shoes on”. The app, that is available in IOS, Apple’s operating system, is prepared to follow the steps of the customers, "automatically changing the camera’s angle ". The AR app aims to "reinforce the Portuguese brand’s presence in the digital world”, announces the brand on a press release.
"The ability to try on ASPORTUGUESAS through a simple touch on the phone revolutionizes the consumer’s experience”, states Pedro Abrantes, the brand’s CEO. By allowing the confirmation of the size, the new app will reduce the need of returning products.
Mainly aiming to reach the generation Z, this new app gains visibility in a time where going to stores is not allowed. However, the investment didn’t stop here. "In a month, the app will be available for Android and will have the summer collection, as well as many other surprises. We are planning other virtual journeys inside the app to surprise the customers”, says Pedro Abrantes in an interview with Dinheiro Vivo.
Launched in March of 2016, the brand started with cork flip-flops and has since evolved the concept to other models, having now a significant variety of boots and shoes.
 Currently, the brand reaches approximately 50 countries, such as the USA, Japan, South Africa, the Philippines, Russia, Israel, among many other markets within the European continent.
In 2020, the brand has sold 150 thousand pairs, which represents a 50% growth comparing to the previous year. In these numbers, the online market represented 12% of the whole sales, which is way higher than the previous year’s 4.5%. The goal is to reach at least the double this year. "We’re focused on the B2C market and in approaching the final customer. We want to transform ASPORTUGUESAS into a more sensorial brand, working on a future love brand”, explains Pedro Abrantes in an interview with Dinheiro Vivo.