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27 Mar 2009

News BioCalce
There are already over than 40 footwear and components companies certified with the label Biocalce, a new certification system, developed by the Footwear Technological Center of Portugal (CTCP) which aims to meet consumer requirements, with particular emphasis on quality and comfort, the same way that favors environmentally friendly materials.

The footwear with the label Biocalce provides additional comfort and guarantees the consumer, because all the materials are first tested in laboratory.

 Indeed, the growing environmental concerns and the deepening of scientific knowledge have motivated the development of new methods and technological processes, bringing new issues to the business economy, being increasingly the number of consumers aware of the issues related to environmental protection and defense of public health. Aware of this reality, the Portuguese Technological Center of footwear (CTCP) has launched the Biocalce label.

In general, typically the natural materials as the leather have to be treated and dyed to acquire the desired characteristics. In these treatment processes, especially in dyeing and conservation, are frequently used chemicals. However, the chemicals continue to be indispensable in the processes used today and it seems that it will continue to be in the future. Therefore, in an effort to protect consumers that these chemicals are only used when not cause harm to health. It is extremely important to check that all components are correctly used during the production process, so that the final product contains only a small amount or even zero of hazardous substances.

The stamp of quality Biocalce is an important element of product differentiation in a market as crowded and competitive as the footwear market, but is also a challenge for the modernization and a strong competitive advantage for companies.