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CAMIA, the new sustainable footwear brand

19 Jul 2023

News CAMIA, the new sustainable footwear brand
Made with Portuguese hands and Colombian hearts, CAMIA was born between Portugal and Colombia. Disruptive, it aims to revolutionise the concept of fashion by focusing on a single product: a sandal with a classic base.

CAMIA thus launches the first "SawpSandal” model, an innovative concept that promises to play an active role in changing behaviours in the fashion industry and is also a new way of thinking about footwear, reducing the impact on the planet and incorporating a sustainable practice. The concept is simple: the brand allows customers to adapt different upper straps to a classic base, resulting in a variety of looks.

Customers can choose and change their straps according to their needs, which makes the sandals a versatile item that can be used on any occasion, while contributing, at the same time, to responsible consumption and production, promoting the concept of slow fashion. All straps are made from textile waste that is collected by the brand in Portuguese and Colombian fashion factories, thus enabling it to take advantage of the waste of fashion products.

Progress, resilience and the belief that fashion can be simultaneously stunning and sustainable is what led Carolina Rodriguez and Catalina Gutierrez to create this brand produced in Portugal. "We are happy to be launching Camia, especially for the satisfaction it has been to work with all the local people who are part of this process. The experience of sharing our idea with each of them and developing the final product together is unique. The high quality of our product fills us with pride. We are grateful to Portugal, and we are sure that, although this is just the beginning, it will be a path full of achievements. We believe in CAMIA’s goal, and we want to be able to transmit our vision!”, the comment by Carolina Rodriguez and Catalina Gutierrez, founders of CAMIA.

Made by Portuguese hands and Colombian hearts, CAMIA is a footwear sustainable brand that understands and embraces the changes in consumer behaviour. By valuing versatility, style and quality, the brand promotes moderate consumption of fashion products and, therefore, created a pair of shoes with a classic base that allows you to be comfortable, but change the look very quickly.

The sandals, available in brown and black, are from today on the brand’s website. CAMIA also offers 6 different styles of straps, but it intends to surprise customers with more novelties throughout the warm season.