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Classics that never go out of fashion

- 22 Apr 2021

News Classics that never go out of fashion
Ever since trainers first saw the light of day, they have never been out of the spotlight, or rather, brands have never given up on this product that quickly became a phenomenon. The world over, the rise of trainers has been quick and total.

The progression from trainers to comfortable footwear has been slow but sure. So what room is there for classic footwear brands? Have they been overtaken? Fernando Bastos Pereira doesn’t think so. "There is always room for the classics. Even while street wear is dominant, the major brands have found a middle way, where there is room for tailoring,” claims the fashion producer.

This is good news for Portugal. The Portuguese footwear sector specialises in the production of high value-added leather footwear, and exports of this footwear account for a large share of the sector’s exports.

But what are the characteristics associated with it? They are timeless and continue to be an iconic classic. "Classic shoes are timeless and there is always room for them in our wardrobes,” says Paradigma’s Paulo Ferreira. "But we can and must incorporate some market trends into these shoes. Such trends as lightness, comfort and design.”

"I believe the future will be one of cohabitation between classics and trainers. Trainers will not completely dominate, as many alternative footwear designs have begun appearing on the market. But comfort will be the determining factor in the future.”

And this seems to be the main trend at present – the best of both worlds: elegance and comfort. "For example, we can incorporate EVA soles and more comfortable insoles that transform the shoes into a sporty formal,” says Paulo Ferreira.

Even though trainers and comfort footwear are a growing segment, the truth is that classic shoes will never go out of style.