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Costa, Costa e Oliveira: 30 years of service to the footwear industry

- 27 May 2021

News Costa, Costa e Oliveira: 30 years of service to the footwear industry
In 1991, Manuel António Costa created Costa, Costa e Oliveira. And while its initial purpose was to create a project that would open new horizons, nowadays the company has reached the four corners of the world. And on 13 May, Costa, Costa e Oliveira celebrated its 30th birthday.
"In May 1991, after establishing all the conditions that seemed important for success, with emphasis on ensuring the basic framework for establishing a reliable commercial operation with the necessary material conditions, Costa, Costa & Oliveira was born,” says the company’s founding partner, Manuel António Costa.

"After a professional career in the technical side of the metallurgy and construction industries, I realised it was time to embrace a new project that would open new doors and would respond more fully to my propensity for creativity and aesthetics. At that time, the footwear sector was growing fast and this dynamism caused me to think seriously about entering this field.”

Now, 30 years later, it is clear he made the right choice, one that "fully met my expectations. My life’s project has been completed.”
The company’s destiny is now the responsibility of José David Almeida. "I have been involved in this project since its birth. I carried out the feasibility and economic studies and have been the accountant since day one. When the founding partner, Manuel António Costa, invited me in 2013 to also take on commercial responsibilities and then later to become the manager, I did not hesitate to accept the challenge.”

But today, 30 years on, the challenges are different. The company owns the Pinto di Blu brand. "It is very stimulating to accompany the development of collections with appealing designs, where the modern woman of any age can find footwear for all occasions. Coming into contact with customers on all continents, from such different cultures, gives strength and meaning to our Pinto di Blu brand slogan, All Women.”

And what are the future challenges? "At a time as challenging as the present, to honour the legacy of the company’s founders is both a responsibility and an incentive. It is with flexibility, innovation, creativity, ethics and social and environmental responsibility that we seek to surprise and capture increasingly demanding customers in the global market,” says José David Almeida.

A special occasion
To celebrate its 30th birthday the company has launched the 30 Years, 30% Discount for 30 Days promotion. According to the company, "The promotion, which focuses on a range of designs selected for the occasion, will be open to our retail customers as well as in some of the marketplaces in which we operate.” As the title suggests, the promotion will offer a 30% discount in the marketplaces in which the brand is present: Overcube, Spartoo, Dott, Tuga Market, Trade Gala and Icol.

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